Quick money transfer channels

You can be on-the-go and transfer money easily. There is no need to go to a money transfer service as you can do it online. All you need to access the best money transfer service is an app that’ll enable you to pay with ease.

Crawling speed of bank-to-bank transfers

If you have ever wondered when your money will clear as the sender has informed you that the funds are on the way, you can be pretty sure it is due to the payment processing of the bank-to-bank transaction. That pending period for one to four banking days can make you get an anxiety attack. Then, if there are weekends and holidays, the clearing time can take even longer.

When will the funds arrive?

The crawling speed of bank-to-bank transactions happens because these institutions have to send the transfer message through the network. Even if the bank is included as a correspondent bank, transactions take time because of the volume and the routing. Since the recipient’s bank is just at the end of the line, they cannot tell you when the funds will be debited.

Those terms and conditions

The bank-to-bank transfer method is antiquated so banks now offer more modern payment methods. Certain banks now provide ways to send money instantly and you can even open an account online. You may get a virtual card that is prepaid to use to send funds. Yet, the banking institution, even if they offer these money transfer services, does have certain terms and conditions. If you’ll read the fine print, there might be limits to the amounts that you can send using this payment system. Most of the banking institutions prepaid virtual cards can only be funded locally, with a minimal fee, through only their loading channels.

Instant remittance

When you want to transfer funds both locally and internationally, you don’t want to wait for days for the funds to be credited into your bank account. There are modern methods that are time-saving as the remittance can arrive instantly. You don’t have to use the traditional banking methods for sending money transfers as mobile technology enables you to move funds by using a money services app.

Money services

The common perception of money services is that the provider has only one function. For example, sending money via PayPal, which is a money services company, has the limit of being a peer-to-peer transaction. That means that only PayPal account holders can get to use the app. Though one can transfer funds into their own account, it is not possible to transfer directly from funds from one PayPal account into another person’s bank account. For funds to be withdrawn from PayPal, it is not possible to withdraw these to any other person’s bank or card. To make a withdrawal, it can only be done through the linked accounts of the PayPal owner.

Get to pay with ease

When you have an account with the money services provider who has more transfer methods that PayPal, you’ll discover that you can pay with ease. You’ll have access to traditional bank transfers, wire transfer, and will be capable of doing more such as fund cards.